Project Management and Capacity Building. 2018-07-24T07:47:47+00:00


The component focuses on human and institutional capacity building in order to strengthen competences within communities in the region, contribute to peace building, conflict mitigation and adaptation to climate change. There are two sub-components; National Project Management and Capacity Building and Support to IGAD Secretariat.

Sub Component I: National Project Management and Capacity Building
Under this sub-component there are 4 outputs,namely;

  • 1000 personnel, of which at least 30% are women, trained and developed in areas of livestock production and animal health
  • 420 personnel of which at least 30% are women trained in peace building and conflict resolution
  • New technologies introduced to communities, adoption rates measured and enhanced
  • ESMP monitoring carried out

Sub Component II: Support to IGAD Secretariat – Under this sub-componenet the programme aims at enhancing regional Cooperation and Coordination on trans-boundary water resources. The Bank supports IGAD secretariat directly to implement this sub-component.