Project Key Performance Indicators and Outcomes 2018-07-24T07:38:09+00:00

Project Key Performance Indicators and Outcomes

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

  1. Area under irrigation rehabilitated and expanded by 1050 ha
  2. Number of water points increased by 83
  3. Number of livestock sale yards increased by 20
  4. Area under commercial pasture production increased by 600ha
  5. Number of hay sheds increased by 18

Expected Project Outcomes

Outcome 1: Increased water availability and accessibility in the ASALs
Outcome 2: Improved forage quality and increased availability in the ASALs
Outcome 3: Rural feeder roads rehabilitated to improve market access,
input delivery and access to animal health services in the ASALs
Outcome 4: A sustained well-developed human and institutional capacity in the ASALs
Outcome 5: Livestock off take increased by 3-6% for cattle and 13.5% for sheep and goats