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Project Components

Component I: Natural resources management

This component provides support to communities to improve management of the water and irrigation infrastructure. It has two sub-components, namely Water Supply Development and Management, and Irrigation Infrastructure Development

Sub Component I – Water Supply Development and Management
The outputs expected under this sub component are;

  • 21 water pans constructed/rehabilitated
  • 43 boreholes constructed/rehabilitated
  • 12 shallow wells constructed/ rehabilitated
  • 5 sub-surface dams constructed/ rehabilitated
  • 83 Water Users Association formed/strengthened

Sub Component II – Irrigation Infrastructure Development
Under this sub-component the programme envisaged to construct/rehabilitate 9 irrigation schemes totaling 1530ha. However, after feasibility studies were done two schemes were not viable, hence leaving seven. Therefore,under this sub-component, the outputs expected are as follows;

  • 7 irrigation schemes with total area of 1050 ha rehabilitated and expanded
  • 7 IWUA office blocks and grading sheds constructed
  • 2 irrigation water reservoirs constructed (Baringo and Isiolo)
  • 7 IWUAs formed/strengthened